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 Albanian Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Albanian Forum Rules   Thu Oct 16, 2014 12:16 am


The Official language of Albanian Forum is English.
Please make sure you post in the correct forum.
Search before you post to prevent duplicate topics.
Help out the new members if they are unsure or need assistance.
All links to other sites must be coded. No live links are allowed except for links to internal pages.(This reduces account phishing)
Do not mini-mod. This involves acting like a Staff member, saying you are a Staff member, or implying you are a Staff member, or acting as if you have the appropriate authority.
Asking members to leak content from vip/staff areas is not allowed
the creation of multiple accounts (dupe accounting/multi accounting) is not allowed
DO NOT LEECH! (pictures of crading proof, accounts, tools, progs, source codes, gfx resources, and tutorials
Advertising/referral links not allowed.
If you come to a staff member to tell them something they should know (you know of leeching someone spreading viruses someone trying to hack the site) tell the staff member everything dont withhold certain bits of information saying (i cant tell you that) from now on anyone doing this will be treated to the same punishment as the original offender for withholding information

The Shoutbox

No Spamming (It will result in Suspension for certain period of time From Shoutbox)
No Advertising (Ban rules apply)
No Flaming or Arguing or annoying the staff members [Suspension From Shoutbox, and Infraction On-site and if repeated banned from site]
Make your 'shout' clean and legible.
Making another account to subvert a Sb ban or silence will result and a forum ban
The Shoutbox is NOT the marketplace if you are looking to buy or sell something make a thread in the appropriate area (no we don't care how long you've waited since making your thread)
The sb is not the help section asking a bunch of questions that you could go look up in tuts.


Advertising your website through the PM system is strictly prohibitted. Users found doing so, however minor the case may be, will be banned without warning.
Advertising your website through the shoutbox system is also forbidden. If you are found doing it, you will be banned from the shoutbox.
If you see an advertising PM, hit the report button on the right Or Contact the Admins Or Moderators in this issue.
If you see a user violating the Advertising rules, please contact the Staff immediately.
This also applies to referral links.


No offensive images.
No advertising in your avatar.
Make sure your avatar has a point.
Avatar must be kept clean off vulgar / disgusting images.
You are not allowed to have any type of referral/advertising link in your signature
Any advertising in your signature will result in an infraction and your signature being reset.
Do not insult staff in your signature it will be removed and you will be given an infraction, If found Repeating it will result in Ban (no matter you are staff or only a member)
Do not make requests in your signature it will be removed , Infraction for repeating the same.

Posting Carding Tools

Coding Links Required
Make sure you display a password clearly.
Please post a description and an image with your download.
Mirrors to your download are preferred and appreciated.
Take care in quality of post, if it's unorganized or in a total mess the post will be deleted.
Spamming [As in a pointless post] will result in an infraction and repeated 'spams' will result in a ban.
Make sure your downloads work. Dead links are counted as spam and you will be warned.
Phishers will be banned without question(Remember that you are responsible for what you post!)
The use of link protectors is not allowed
You MUST post a virus scan
Don't claim to be the owner of others peoples work.
You MUST post a screenshot of the application.

Warning/Infraction System

Warnings are to serve as a quick reminder of the rules for mistakes.
Infractions are to serve as a more formal warning for breaking of the rules.
If you are banned and you create a new account you will be IP Banned.
If you break any of the rules you will be warned, infracted, or banned at the Staff's discretion.
If you feel a warning is unfair, contact the Moderator who issued it and if problem is too big definitely contact an admin.
If you have been temp banned, making another account will get you permanent banned

Problems and Questions?

If you have any problems with the site itself [Server wise] then PM an Admin.
If you have problems with another member please PM a Moderator.
If you have a problem with any threads of posts please Report it or PM a Moderator.
At last If you have problem with a Moderator PM any admin.

Market Section

When buying and selling in the marketplace all users must ensure that
Report all scams and fraudulent activity to staff immediately.
Report thread as completed when Sale has been completed.
Albanian Forum takes NO responsibilities on ANY transaction that occurs at any time.
Do not post irrelevant information in the thread. If you have a question or want to complain about the person's prices, send the original poster a private message.
Regular members CAN NOT sell/trade on I sell verified carders.
Regular member can post on I Sell Open Source.
you may not ask for a staff member to remove another members post on your thread unless the post is bashing/flaming etc a person stating that they think your prices are expensive does not meet this criteria

Rules can and will be updated.

These rules are subject to change at any time. Please respect, and follow these rules. Failure to abide by any rules mentioned will result in a warning or instant ban if deemed highly inappropriate.
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Albanian Forum Rules
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